“Do I Have Trust Issues?” – What to Know Before You Wreck Your Relationships

What is trust in a relationship?

Trust is an important part of any relationship, but not many people fully understand what it is. Trust can be a difficult concept to define, but it generally describes a feeling of reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of someone. When you trust someone, you are confident that they will not abuse and betray your goodwill or use your trust to hurt you. We all need trust in our relationships to feel safe, and if we don’t have it, things get complicated.

Trust is not security or fidelity. It is not an agreement or a promise. It’s a choice, and in relationships, it’s one of the most important. Trust is not something you can shirk. It is not something you can give or take and then change your mind. It is not something that you give to one person and not the other. It is not something you can give a little of and get by with.

Establish a transparent relationship

Trust is a basic and crucial component of any healthy relationship. Make sure that you establish a transparent relationship with your partner right from the start. Be open to answering any questions they may have about you and your past.

Find out what you have in common to make it easier to connect emotionally. You’ll have an overall better chance of being able to trust one another. Trust that your partner will treat you with kindness and respect. If you get uncomfortable about anything, please remember to bring it up right away. Be aware of any changes in their behavior and don’t be afraid to ask what’s going on. If your partner is unable to answer or explain anything to your satisfaction, then it could be time to reevaluate the relationship.

How to trust your partner

Communication is key in any relationship, intimate, casual, or long-term. The development and maintenance of a healthy relationship is about being honest with yourself and accepting that your partner may not always be in agreement with you.

The stakes might seem higher in a long-term relationship and it’s important to communicate openly and honestly. Questions and doubts about your partner’s motivations or feelings towards you might not be unreasonable, but it’s also worth taking a moment to consider your own motivations and feelings. It’s ok to think your partner is amazing and trust them implicitly.

Here are a few tips for finding trust in your partner:

  • Listen first. Communication is key to building trust. As tempting as it may be to envision a problem, try to listen first and start with what your partner is saying.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions. This is an especially important piece of advice for those in an intimate relationship. It can be easy to jump to conclusions about what your partner is saying or doing when you’re feeling hurt, angry, or frustrated. In this case, ask questions and give your partner the mutual benefit of the doubt.
  • Make sure you are really honest with yourself before you commit to a relationship. If you’re in a bad place, or not sure where you want to go, don’t commit until you are ready
  • Be transparent and honest with your partner. This means being open about everything with each other and not hiding anything
  • Work through any issues without arguing

Signs that you are not able to trust your partner

If you’re constantly questioning your partner and asking them to validate their whereabouts or behavior, it might be time to reevaluate whether you can trust them. According to Dr. Phil, signs of a lack of trust include:

  • Hiding money or lying about financials
  • An obsession with social media and looking things up on other people’s phones
  • Lying about spending time with friends
  • Lying about plans Demanding constant contact
  • Unnecessary jealousy
  • Creating conflict to justify controlling behavior
  • An unwillingness to compromise

If you recognize these warning signs in your own relationship, it might be time to talk it out with your partner.

Why trust is important in a relationship

For some people, trust and relationships are interchangeable. It seems like some people always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. For others, their trust in the other person is much greater and they have faith that things will work out. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, the emotional basis is the most important thing.

Trust is a crucial element.

Trust is what keeps people in relationships from straying or betraying the other. It is a feeling of security in knowing that with the other person there is someone who will have their back. Lack of trust can make people isolated, unhappy, and even hostile. It is a common misconception that if a person is in a relationship then they automatically trust the other person

What to do when you don’t trust your partner

I’m a hopeless lover so trust is something I’m attuned to. I also have a marriage, so trust in relationships is not lost on me. When you are in a new relationship, trust is at the core of the relationship. You automatically assume that the other person has your best interests at heart. You’re also very hopeful about the relationship – you’re assuming that all the “honeymoon phase” stuff lasts forever. I’ve seen too many relationships fail for that to be the case. The question is always what to do when you don’t trust your partner.

Here are a few things you can do when you don’t trust your partner.

  • Discuss the issue with your partner calmly 
  • Talk to a therapist
  • Think of solutions together 
  • Talk about what actually bothers you 
  • Take a break from the relationship and refocus on you 
  • Keep the lines of communication open

Why it’s important to trust your partner

A relationship without trust is a relationship that’s not worth working on. You can be in love with a person and share a life with a person, but if you don’t have that trust, then the relationship is going to fall apart sooner or later. Your partner will not feel confident in your faith in them, and you won’t feel confident in their ability to be the person that you need. Trust is something that has to be maintained, so it takes a conscious effort to do your best to be trustworthy while also seeking reassurance. In a long-term relationship, that means being supportive, being open and honest, and not breaching the lines of trust in any way. In short, trust is the bedrock of any lasting relationship.

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